Julian Wortelboer
Founder, Chairman & Dreamer.
A Miami based business entrepreneur CEO of Wortelboer Co., Tennis professional. Julian has headed philanthropic projects and missions in central and South America for over two decades.
Alberto Omeechevarria
Washington, DC based President of Biscayne Contractors, a general contracting firm, he serves as head of our facilities projects and development.
Marco Lazo
Born in Nicaragua, he began the Salinas Grandes project and serves as our coordinator with local communities and authorities.
Cristian Delgado Sarria
Cristian a native Nicaraguan and born in Leon. He is our local leader, our strong helpful arm, our daily gladiator, always running around making all our projects happen.
Cathy Curry
Born in Omaha, Nebraska, living in Salinas Grandes, Nicaragua, Cathy is our local leader in following up with all our projects.
Chiara Mecozzi
Miami based professional photographer brings to the foundation her natural talents in capturing each moment of what we do.
Martha Gonzalez
Martha a Miami based physical therapist serves as a project assistant and health education liaison with the mothers of the children served
Mario Garcia
His infinite talent in creating cinematographic creations and documenting all our projects and works.
Nico Omechevarria
A college student at UNC-Chapel Hill, he serves as a project assistant and liaison with the young people served.
Diego Mantero
A Miami based physical therapist and professional photographer serves as our marketing and media coordinator.
Milagros Lazo
Born in Nicaragua, she serves as our local volunteer coordinator.
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"First Serve Foundation welcomes the opportunity to join forces with incredible people and organizations around the world, whose integrated approaches across education, health, and other service sectors allows us to provide a valuable link through our foundation and help us change the world."

Julian Wortelboer, Founder

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